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Their Kiss of Death.

Sometimes I do wonder about this world of ours; the ever-increasing chaos, the acceptance and celebration of insanity, the overall abnormalities.

A case in point is the post I saw by a cosmetics company from whom I had been buying my make-up for a decade.  They posted several photographs of a fat man wearing what looked like a bad imitation of a woman’s 1940s outfit:  shorts, blouse with a Peter Pan collar, and a bandana on his head, and slathered in the company’s lipstick.  Yes, there he was posing in the typical 1940s pin-up girl postures, looking like he was gleefully mocking true femininity.  The company put a blurb with this gross sight, something to the effect that they see him, stand with him, and “celebrate” him.  This, by a woman-owned company, no less!

I don’t care who buys the company’s products, but when any non-political company starts becoming political and panders to the darlings du jour as dictated by the Federal government, I am done with them.  I unfollowed their sites, and I don’t buy any more of their products.

I refuse to contribute in any way to the erasure of women, the normalization of mental illness, the grooming of children, and the mocking of God.

As ever,

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