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A Jazz Experience.

I walked across the Woodstock town square to a restaurant-lounge called “Joey T’s.” This establishment has live jazz bands performing Wednesday through Saturday evenings.

When l walked in the door, the band was already playing.  The group, composed of four members, was set up in the lounge’s bay window area.  At first, I thought the band was in between sets and practicing.  However, as some time passed, I realized that what they were doing was playing songs.

To me, their music was incoherent and overly loud.  They sounded like people who never had musical training and were just banging the drum helter-skelter and hitting any note on the trumpets.  Perhaps they were improvising.  Perhaps I just could not appreciate their style.

As much as I really appreciate most types of music, this particular jazz band disappointed me, and I believe it’s mostly because of the loudness. I like jazz, but sometimes a band ruins the experience for me.  Unfortunately, I forgot to find out this band’s name.  On the brighter side, this is only one poor experience of many, many good ones.  This will not prevent me from seeking similar entertainment in the future, as I am open to new experiences.

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