Calling It What It Is.

Have you bowed to the new gods of the world today?

Oh, yes, they have made themselves known to us.  They are the ones who feed the breakdown of society.  They tell us to not believe our lying eyes.  They scoff at our intelligence.  They are the people who claim to change their biological sex, mutilate them themselves, then turn around and call those who won’t grovel at their feet and pay homage to them “monsters,” bigots,” and “evil.”

They are also the new gods who pontificate that we humans can change the climate, and woe be unto anyone who knows otherwise.

The new god is also the government – father, mother, provider, supreme head.  Who needs an invisible god, when there is the titular head in Washington?

These gods have all the answers, want all the power, and have a mental illness.  That’s right – our new gods are off their rockers don’t know what is normal anymore.

Therein is the problem – mental illness is not being called for what it is, and meanwhile, the politicians, the media, and their sycophants are joyfully helping the devil push this new religion, brought to you since 1848.

Will you kowtow to it?

As ever,

✿●▬●✿ ©2023 The Oasis at Four Queen Palms ✿●▬●✿

Excerpt from my upcoming book, “It’s All Supreme Theater,” ©2023

1 thought on “Calling It What It Is.

  1. It has been said, “I Am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have strange gods before Me”. I have no reason to doubt that statement from The One True God, and so that is where MY allegiances lie.

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