Mom’s Day and the Erasure.

Well, here we go again.

May 14 is Mother’s Day.  It’s a long-held observation that began as a means to recognize and honor mothers and the motherly roles they play within our families.

Yet somehow, over the past few years, the meaning has been greatly watered down, much to the point of negation and hilarity.  Now I see that anybody can be “celebrated” as a mother, and that includes males.  How many times I have seen and read tributes to men – males – who helped to raise their children either as a lone parent or part of a married couple, lauded as a grand recipient of the deceptive moniker of “mother!”  Yes, it is laughable, yet so very sad, too.

“Happy Mother’s Day, Dad.”  Do you see how silly and insulting that is?

Males can never be mothers, just as women can never be fathers.  They cannot ever inculcate an opposite gender trait on their children and call it a day.  Cannot be done.  To believe so is an illusion and a slap to both men and women.

Therefore, to assert that a happy Mother’s Day greeting can equally be applied to a male, actually negates the importance of females and their unique position in raising children and the joy within the traditional family.  And it diminishes and emasculates fathers in the process.

As ever,

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