Smart Home Economics – Fresh Versus Not-So-Fresh.

Have you ever wondered how to distinguish a fresh head of cabbage from a not-so-fresh head?

The easiest way is to look at the stem where it was cut before packaging.  A fresh head will have a clear, unblemished cut.


On the other hand, if the cut is browned or starting to get brown, the head isn’t as fresh.


The same rule applies to heads of lettuce.

What I have noticed lately at the grocery stores is that the packing plants will oftentimes conceal the cut with overly wrapped film wrap so that it’s difficult to see how fresh the heads are.  Don’t fall for that.  Move the film wrap aside so that you can clearly see how much the cut is clear or browned.  With the cost of food these days, you need to take charge of what you buy and eat.

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Excerpt from my upcoming book, “Smart Home Economics,” ©2023

2 thoughts on “Smart Home Economics – Fresh Versus Not-So-Fresh.

  1. You have to watch those bar code stickers on fruit, too. There is nothing more disappointing than anticipating a deliciously crisp bite of a lovely red Macintosh, only to find a worm hole covered up by the sticker.

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