Hey, Bob!

Our days are busy with schedules, appointments, working, and spring yard work.  As for me, I’ve been busy nearly every day with writing a new book and setting up outlines for other new works, too.

By the end of the day, Best Friend and I are ready for some relaxation.  We might catch some news to see what new ways the world is showing its craziness.  But what we really look forward to is watching the 1970s television program, “The Bob Newhart Show.”

This is Newhart’s second television program.  The first one, also called “The Bob Newhart Show,” was aired in 1961 on NBC, and it was a variety show.  That one we need to check out.  But this show that we are watching, he is a psychologist in Chicago.  It really takes us out of this world and into one that looks so much saner.

The dry humor is right up our alley, and the 1970s references are fun to catch.  The fashions – well, they show me that even though some of it was quirky, people still cared for their grooming and clothing.  Even a nurse on the show was dressed up for work.  No pajamas there!

Then there are the guest stars who weren’t quite at the star level yet – John Ritter, Teri Garr, Penny Marshall, Bernie Kopell, Pat Morita, Raul Julia, . . .

We’re only in Season 3; we’ve a few more seasons to go before we’re finished.

One of the most enlightening points of the program is that so many of the 1970s current topics are ones that people and politicians today are still talking about.  Goes to show and prove that politicians do a lot of talking without much action.  So far, I’ve heard comments on the show about gun control, abortion, and growing inflation.

All that changes is the date on the calendar.  And maybe the fashions.

As ever,

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2 thoughts on “Hey, Bob!

  1. Having squandered my formative years in Chicago itself, it is fun picking out the real Chicago scenes and landmarks, as opposed to the suburban scenes and landmarks, in the beginning. A good editor can patch all kinds of places together I suppose but it is either Chicago, or it is not.

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