Time Changes, Or Do We Change Our Time?

When I lived in North Dakota, very close to the Canadian border, summer evenings seemed to last extraordinarily long.  You see, it would be 10 p.m. and it was still light out, the stores in the little town stayed open longer; people were outside more with various activities.  Yet, by 9:30 p.m., the sun would be already sinking slowly in the west.  Now, where I live in a completely different part of the country, it is vastly different.

Here this time of year, at The Oasis of Four Queen Palms, by 4:30 p.m. or so, the sun gets ready to set, and within that hour, it is completely dark outside.  Add a gloomy or inclement weather day to the mix, and it seems all the darker outside.

On the bright side, the early darkness does make for a nice atmosphere for dining at home – lit candles in crystal candleholders, soft music playing in the background, dim lights in the living room.  Yet, when you really come down to it, early darkness is just something Best Friend and I aren’t crazy about.  The day seems terribly short.  But that’s what we get with the juggling of Standard Time and Daylight Saving Time, ad infinitum.  I believe it’s time we cut out this nonsense and just stick to one time format or the other.

I already spent part of this weekend preparing some of the food for our Thanksgiving dinner that we will enjoy later in the week.  The cranberries, mushroom gravy, stuffing, and soup were easy to prepare, and the best part is that I cut all those recipes in half.  No sense in have too much left over.  Doing this ahead of time is a time-saver.  As a bonus, I made just enough of each to freeze for another day.  The turkey is thawing.  The wine is chilling.  On the day of our Thanksgiving, I’ll prepare the salad, squash, green beans, and of course, Mr. Tom Turkey.

Looking ahead, I am sure our dogs will enjoy a bit of turkey and sweet potato.  Mademoiselle Cat will just have to be happy with a serving of salmon.  Best Friend is already commenting on how good The Oasis smells with what I prepared so far.  Everybody wins in my house.

Time is what we make of it.  We can say, “Oh!  There just isn’t enough time.”  Or, “Sorry.  Can’t do it; no time.”  Or we can put our noses to the grindstone and make the time.  We can only seriously try our best to become more organized, embrace the positive aspects of whatever we attempt, and be glad for the outcome.  Will we let time change our daily lives and give us ways to offer excuses, or will we change how we use our time wisely?

As ever,

Lady Susan Marie Molloy

©2022 The Oasis at Four Queen Palms


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